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Lubi Pumps Kenya

Welcome to the home of water pumps and pumping technology. Our top brand  will not disappoint with their long-lasting top of the line submersible, mono block and domestic pumps and motors for handling liquids, particularly water for agriculture, domestic and industrial uses and other applications like sewerage and sludge and others.

Available Range

Borehole Submersible Pumps & Motors

Lubi guarantees high quality, reliable and Cost Effective Ground Water pumping system for your House, Industry and Farms. Lubi Pumps with Bronze Impellers and Complete stainless steel pumps are satisfactorily pumping water from Deserts of Africa and Saudi Arabia to Salty water of Indian Ocean.

Centrifugal Pumps and Electric Motors

Rugged, high efficiency and all you want from good Electric unit, is built in feature of Lubi. For lifting water from well / river, Pumping to High rise building or Drainage / Sewage water, Lubi dose it all.

Pumps for House, Gardens, Villas, Hotels

Lubi kept in mind the safety and style when it came to small pumps for personal use. So, all pumps were fitted with Thermal Over load Protector(TOP). They are carefully painted from inside also to prevent rusting / jamming so you spend more time enjoying the water pumped by us.


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